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“Carlos Santana female” Good Times Magazine


“Lady slowhand” Eclipsed Magazine

“Is she “Lady Slowhand” or even the “successor to Carlos Santana?” Hörerlebnis Magazin

"She mixes traditional blues with Latin music and tango in her huge musical pot. A hot and rich sound and rhythm feast that the "Queen of Latin Soul", she comes from Argentina and lives in Berlin, serves us. Her excellent guitar playing, her unmistakable voice, her Spanish and English lyrics that go straight to the heart make Vanesa Harbek an artist that you have to see. Her albums “High Heels Tango” and “Visiones” are also exciting discoveries. " Musix Magazine

"Exciting musical journey, the Argentinian musician Vanesa Harbek thrilled the audience with groovy blues rock, Latin flair and tango." Sabine Herder, Südwestpresse Ulm

“After the first listen, you no longer wonder why Vanesa Harbek is also called the Latin Blues Queen” Blues News Magazine

Blues, soul, rhythm and blues, swing, tango, jazz, rock and roll, latin, are the styles of this talented Argentinian singer, guitar and trumpet player, composer and painter with a degree in Music, Teaching and Composition at UCA -Argentine Catholic University.


She has a versatile and powerful voice and moves comfortably in different musical styles. She has a natural talent with the guitar. Her exquisite technique and solid sound , make a perfect combination for her virtuosity and quality as a performer.


Since June 2017 Vanesa is living in Berlin, Germany.

 She has toured Argentina as well as other countries, including International Jazz, Blues and Tango Festivals in Mexico, Ecuador, Germany, Poland, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Slovakia , Ibiza, Ireland, Romania, Austria, Lithuania, The Netherlands, Belgium,Iceland, Czech Republic, Paraguay, Colombia, Brazil,  and Chile.

And her Guitar Clinics in Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Ecuador and Poland have been very successful.


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